OpenEMR and the 2017 VCU HealthHacks

OpenEMR is proud to be a contributing sponsor of the 2017 HealthHacks at VCU a 24-hour event at Virginia Commonwealth University involving engineering, medical, and computer science students coming together to problem solve and innovate on current unmet medical needs.

“HealthHacks is a rapid-paced participatory event for students of all disciplines to engage with medical professionals in development and prototyping of solutions for unmet needs in patientcare. It is a very exciting 24-hour engagement event,” said L. Franklin Bost, M.B.A., I.D.S.A., executive associate dean for innovation and outreach, director of the VCU Institute for Engineering and Medicine and faculty in the Department of Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering.

“The decision to sponsor HealthHacks at VCU fell squarely in line with our mission to provide high-quality medical solutions to the world. OpenEMR is already a long-term, viable solution for low-resource clinics, and our hope is to complement our software solutions with the innovations from this event. We are very excited to see what may come out of this unique event,” said Robert Down, one of the Project Leaders of OpenEMR. “It is our hope that we can continue to develop tools that meet the needs of low-resource areas and developing countries to strengthen the healthcare industry throughout the world. Open source technology plays a vital role in ensuring equal access to quality healthcare.” The medical hackathon event takes place November 4th and 5th at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.